Required Paperwork


Required Paperwork

Starting in 2018 all required paperwork is submitted online.  Please click on the link below that will take you to the Arbiter website.  You will need to create an account.  Attached is a quick guide that will allow you to set up your account and submitted your paperwork.  All paperwork including a physical MUST be submitted prior to the first day of practice on July 31st.


Arbiter Quick Guide


1. Create Accounts 


  • Both a parent and student are required to create separate accounts.
  • Go to
  • If your school has provided their Quick Account Code, TEXT the code to 69274 to create your parent & student account. *Creation of accounts can be done on all devices with internet connection: Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads, etc.
  • Home School selection- this is the school that you/your student attends/studies. Do NOT select the school district in which your school resides.
  • My student plays for both the Middle School and High School?! If your student plays on both a middle and high school team, upon account creation, select the home school in which your STUDENT STUDIES. You will be able to select the secondary school within the Additional Schools section after creating your account.


2. Link Parent & Student Accounts 


Once logged in, you will be prompted to link the parent and student account. Enter the email address to send an invitation to the parent/student. The invited person clicks on the link via email or text message to finish the linking process. The invited person can also login and accept the link request, via the prompt after logging in. 


Why do I have to link accounts? Forms required by your school, often require both a parent and student signature to mark the form as completed. For the PlanetHS system to know what student and parent will be viewing and signing the proper forms, a linked parent/student account is required. 


3. Athletic Forms button 


Click the Athletic Forms button to move to the Pre-Participation Forms Overview Page and complete the required digital forms. 


4. Select your Sports of interest 


In the Sports Interest section, check the sports you will be participating. 


5. Additional Schools (If Applicable) 


If you/your student participate in sports at multiple schools, add the additional schools here. If you/your student do not play for multiple schools, leave this section blank. 


6. Complete & Sign Digital Forms 


Click on each form link, complete each form, and click the Sign & Submit button. Both the parent and student must complete this step. Your school/district chooses which forms require the student, parent, or student AND parent signatures. 


Parents will only see example forms until the parent and student accounts are linked. Once the accounts are linked, the parent example forms will convert to web-forms for completion. *The student will always see the webforms to complete and sign, even before the accounts are linked. This gives the ability for students to send a parent linked account request and to upload the physical exam signed by the physician during group physicals. 


Upload Buttons are shown when you are required to upload a document instead of completing the web-form. For example, the physical exam form your physician completes or a birth certificate. These forms can be uploaded by either the parent or student but require the parents signature. 


7. Accepted Forms Notification 


When your school has accepted all forms, a notification will be sent to you stating all forms have been accepted. You will be notified via email and/or text message (if you have selected the text message option during account creation), if a form has been denied by your school. You will be given the reason for denial and link to review and resubmit your changes back to the school.